Hi, my name is Masha!

I’m an entrepreneur, content creator, educator, ex-googler, stereotype challenger and a girl with big dreams and ambitions.

My hobbies include: discovering new things about technology, listening to inspiring stories of badass women, travelling, cooking everything from scratch, eating everything I’ve made, laughing, ideating, painting and I’ve recently picked up candle-making. 

I’m originally from Russia, but I’ve worked and studied in 5 countries by now. My background is in Marketing and Market Research and I’ve worked in as many environments as you can imagine: startups, a big company like Google, a university and in my own business – trying to figure out how to be an influencer. It’s been a fun ride and I’m excited to see what’s next!

What is Coding Blonde?

Coding Blonde is an online resource for anyone who wants to empower Women in STEM to realize their unique potential, create fulfilling lives, and have an impact that they’d like to have in this world.

Here you will find information about technology and resources helping you to learn how to code – as well as materials on career and personal development, mindfulness and side-hustle. I believe that anyone interested or working in STEM fields could benefit from those topics.